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Welcome to the 2015 Holiday Gift Guide! I have brought you 5 gift ideas for Women, Men, Children, and Teens! I hope that you enjoy this as much as I did making the list! If you would like to add something to the list just email me! Sonia (@) confessionsofamiltaryspouse (dot) com Just remove the () from the @ and use a period . instead of the (dot).

Well let’s get with the program here! Here are my top 5 gifts for everyone in your family! Please be aware that there will be affiliate links for some items. This helps me to keep my blog going. Thank you!

Women: Sometimes we just go to the normal and safe but take a look at these fun gifts!
1. My number 1 gift for women this year is Amazon Prime! Seriously this is the best program that I have had in a long time! I love being able to purchase items and have them in two days! Sometimes I will pay the extra $3+ to get one day shipping! Get your FREE Prime account ( Just in time for Christmas!!!) Try Amazon Prime 30-Day Free Trial

2. Women tend to forget to take care of ourselves. It is important to get into a warm bath or shower and just let the day melt away! I love to get in my bath tub and just do nothing but look at the ceiling! I have candles in there and a few sugar skulls sprinkled around ha ha.  There is nothing I love more than Essential Oils in my bath! Lavender is one of my favorites! Get your favorite woman a bottle of Lavender oil and a diffuser and allow her to relax for a while. Trust me Worry Free wife = Easy free life lol!

Oil and Diffuser

3. One of my favorite items to give is candles. They can help someone relax and make a home smell amazing! Jewelry In Candles gives you two gifts in one!  This gift will allow someone to purchase a candle that smells amazing and pick the jewelry they would like to give from : Earrings, Necklace, bracelet, or ring!  Get your gift here

4.Everyone has some kind of tablet. Why not get her a fantastic Amazon Kindle Fire? This will allow her to use the tablet to read her favorite magazines, books, and browse the net. I hope that you will check out this idea: Click Here

5. Women love to make things. Getting crafty helps to draw your attention to something new. This is not a specific item, it is a section. I think anything from the Stamping section would be awesome! Get your favorite woman in your life some crafty items and let them have a little time to relax and create :) Check out these ideas


Men: I know sometimes my man can be a little hard to purchase for so I hope these ideas will give you something to start from!
1.Who even has cable anymore?? Well I mean we have dish but that is another post ha ha! Amazon Fire TV Stick with voice control remote is an awesome gift for that guy on your list who likes to watch TV and sometimes forgets where the remote moved off too! Check it out here
2. I know how it can totally suck when you go to shave your legs and the cold shaving cream just gives you a quick jolt! I could only imagine having to put cold shaving cream on my face. So guys I have this for you Conair HGL1NR/HGL1R Conair Gel and Lather Heating System!  Check yours out here

3. I know most of the guys in my life LOVE tools! That is something I  always try to get for them because they tell me they can never have too many! Apollo Precision Tools Household Tool Kit, 53 Piece seems like this would be a wonderful choice for any guy who is a handy man… or pretends to be! Get yours here

4. If your guy is like mine there is nothing more satisfying than an ice cold beer with a yummy steak dinner and loaded baked potato…. Dang I just made myself hungry! Okay back to beer, My husband loved Mr. Beer Premium Gold Edition Home Brewing Kit by Mr. Beer!  Give your guy a cool gift

5. Being from Texas we know BBQ! My husband is a BBQ King! He loves nothing more than to heat up the grill or the smoker and experiment all weekend long! The Barbecue! Bible was a total life saver for our food budget! It gave amazing recipes for rubs, sauces, and how to cook meat properly! Get your guy an amazing gift that will feed you all year long!

Children: So I wanted to find some things that others may not think of when thinking of these gifts.

1. Every child I know wants a tablet right now and like I did for the women…. The Amazon Kindle Fire is a fantastic choice! They can play games, learn and read books ( my kids love this option!)  Click Here to get yours for only $49.99!!!
2. My kids fell hard for the rubber band craze and with my husband making everything with paracord, they fell on that bandwagon as well! Paracord is easy for kids to braid and make bracelets, key chains or even necklaces! Help your kids get creative this Christmas season!
3. Okay what I am about to propose may not be the coolest thing on the block but it is something we are forgetting to teach our kiddos! I totally think that a sewing kit would do wonders for our kids. In a day and age where kids are constantly on  electronics, they can benefit to learn a lost art! Check out this sewing kit
4.If you are like my family…. your family loves Football! Why  not get your favorite kiddo their favorite NFL shirt? We love these Cowboy’s shirts ( Hey it IS America’s team!) Check it out here

5. My daughter would kill to get a new book each month.. sometimes it is scary… just kidding or am I? Books are another lost art that our children are loosing.  If they want to read a book they look online. There is something great about feeling the paper in your hands, turning a crisp new page and seeing all the awesome pictures that really pull the story together. Check out this children’s book club!


Teens: Okay this one was a little harder for me. I officially have a teenager but she still likes the same things she liked 3 years ago so it is easy to buy for her! Here we go!
1.One of my favorite things as a teen was my polaroid camera! There was something so satisfying to be able to see the pictures right after I took them!  Check out this Polaroid Camera . It is updated and oh so cool!
2.One thing that I do remember and know about my daughter is making things was awesome! I loved making something from scratch. It made me feel so grown up. Check out this natural DIY Lip Balm
3.Something that all teens have in common sleep!  A sleep mask is something that can help keep light out of the face and help them sleep better!  This is a super cute sleep mask and you could get them a really nice pair of jammies!  You are NEVER too old for jammies!
4.I still have an obsession with my nails. I love to create designs and make pretty colors. This is for the girls ( or boys if that is their thing)  Check out this Nail Paint kit!
5.Music has always been therapy for me. Anytime I needed an escape I would put on my boom box ( yes it was old school ha ha) and just listen. Today kids listen to music with their phones. Why not help your teen boys ( or girls ) listen to music with cordless headphones. These are pretty neat and they come in different colors!

Don’t forget to check out Amazon! Right now until December 15th, You can create custom holiday gifts for the special ones in your family!

Shop Amazon – Create Custom Holiday Gifts









Thank you for checking out the Holiday Gift Guide this year! I hope that this helps you to find new gifts for the special people in your life! Please share and help your friends find those unique gifts for their friends as well! Please send your request in either below in the comments or by email and I will add you to our holiday gift guide list!

Until next time,


Sonia is a full time caregiver to her charming wounded warrior. She was blessed with 3 fantastic children. Sonia loves all things rockabilly and vintage. She enjoys crochet, sewing, cooking, painting and blogging. She is currently in school to become an elementary teacher. Thank you for being here.

About Sonia

Sonia is a full time caregiver to her charming wounded warrior. She was blessed with 3 fantastic children. Sonia loves all things rockabilly and vintage. She enjoys crochet, sewing, cooking, painting and blogging. She is currently in school to become an elementary teacher. Thank you for being here.
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